Vanderbilt University and Rice University become founding members of Mauve

Researchers from Vanderbilt University and Rice University have become the inaugural members of the Mauve survey programme. We are delighted to welcome Professor Keivan G. Stassun and Professor Christopher M. Johns-Krull who will be leading the respective research teams.

Mauve will deliver ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy data on hundreds of stars enabling scientists to break new ground in stellar research. The satellite, which has received funding from the European Commission, is currently under construction with partners C3S and ISISPACE and will launch in 2025.

Speaking with Blue Skies Space about his research interests, Professor Stassun said:

Researchers at Vanderbilt University and Rice University have a long-standing interest in the study of accretion processes in young stars and magnetic activity in stars more generally, including in the context of understanding how stellar magnetism impacts the evolution of planetary atmospheres and habitability.

As founding members, researchers from Vanderbilt University and Rice University will join the Mauve science team, helping design and shape the science programme prior to the launch of the satellite.

Professor Stassun continued to say:

Outside of seeking time on facilities such as Hubble, a resource that is in very high demand and short supply, Mauve will provide our research teams the ability to conduct observations of targeted systems in a way that will not be possible with any other dedicated facility for years to come. We also look forward to participating in other areas of exciting UV research led by other teams through Mauve’s culture of scientific collaboration and esprit de corps.

The science team and survey working groups will continue to grow prior to launch, bringing a wealth of ideas and research experience into Mauve’s three-year programme.

Find out how to participate in Mauve at: https://bssl.space/mauve/