Q&A with Boston University’s Chuanfei Dong

Professor Chuanfei Dong from Boston University has joined the Mauve survey science team and will help shape the scientific direction for the survey programme which will commence in 2025. Speaking with Boston University, Dr. Dong shared his insights on the programme’s objectives, technological innovations, and the potential implications for our understanding of stars and exoplanet habitability.

Dr. Dong said, “The Mauve mission will provide a greater understanding of how stars and their activity may impact the habitability of neighboring exoplanets, which I am particularly excited about.”

“Thousands of Mauve’s observational hours will be dedicated to each year of the survey, with many stars continuously available within Mauve’s wide field of regard, enabling long baseline observations and unlocking a significant time domain astronomy opportunity. Mauve will significantly increase the availability of UV spectra, providing a rare opportunity to revisit bright, active stars inaccessible previously.”

“Mauve’s survey science program will be decided by its members and is open to any scientist worldwide. Scientists and research organizations can access the survey program via an annual membership plan tailored to suit the needs of individuals, groups, and institutions. The survey actively encourages the involvement of PhD students and early career scientists.”