Blue Skies Space awards contract to Airbus for advanced spectroscopy space mission

Twinkle Space Mission Press Release

Blue Skies Space Ltd announces an industrial design study for the industrial design and component evaluation of the Twinkle Space Mission, with co-funding from the European Space Agency’s Business Applications Programme. The Twinkle satellite will provide simultaneous visible and infrared spectroscopic observational data, enabling researchers worldwide to study the composition of exoplanet atmospheres, stars and solar system bodies.

Blue Skies Space Ltd has awarded the study to Airbus who will investigate an industrial solution for the satellite building on the initial feasibility study of the Twinkle mission with the contribution of ABB Inc. through its optical expertise on payload design.

Twinkle will provide an insight into spectral features so far never observed in exoplanetary atmospheres. With a broad spectral coverage from the visible to the infrared, Twinkle will be a unique space observatory available for usage by scientists worldwide for a range of science topics. Blue Skies Space employs an innovative access model, which provides scientists rapid access to the telescope on an hourly basis.

Marcell Tessenyi, CEO of Blue Skies Space, said: “The Twinkle space mission is a unique opportunity to show that world leading astronomy can be done to high performance and low cost. Airbus’ vast experience in delivering reliable spacecraft across the science, earth observation and communications sectors will enable Blue Skies Space to make this a reality within short timescales.”

Norbert Huebner, Head of Feasibility Studies Section, ESA Business Applications, said: “ESA is proud to support this innovative approach which for the first time offers telescope access commercially on a scientific satellite to a market traditionally served by public organisations.

We look forward to Blue Skies Space Ltd leading a global service that will provide a fleet of satellites based on European technical capabilities.”

About Blue Skies Space

Blue Skies Space provides cost-effective, rapidly-delivered space facilities for users worldwide through a service-based model. It employs a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. The Twinkle Space Mission is Blue Skies Space’s flagship mission, conceived to deliver space-based spectroscopy of exoplanets, solar system bodies, stars and disks across the visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

Contact: info@blueskiesspace.co.uk