Twinkle’s two survey programmes will deliver visible and infrared spectroscopy of thousands of objects within and beyond our solar system.

A Global Collaboration

Each survey aims to encourage worldwide scientific collaborations leading to high-impact publications by providing powerful population studies in two science areas: extrasolar objects and solar system bodies.


Regular data releases will be made throughout the surveys’ three-year lifetime, with the full dataset available to every member of each survey.

The Twinkle team will provide full-time support to all survey members to assist in the provision and exploitation of the survey data. Publications will be managed through a streamlined release process.

Founding Survey Members

Twinkle’s Founding Members play a crucial role in the development of each survey’s science agenda. They are invited to join their survey’s dedicated Science Team which will shape the science goals, observational parameters and target selections for each survey.

Every survey member will have an opportunity to have their say and vote on the survey science options proposed by their Science Team.


Scientists and research organisations access the survey programme via an annual membership plan tailored to suit the needs of individuals, groups and institutions.


Single faculty + 1 team member


Single faculty + 5 team members


All institutional members

Dedicated Time

In addition to its survey programme, Twinkle also offers dedicated telescope time which researchers can use to observe specific targets of interest at their full discretion. Hours of telescope time can be secured in a matter of days via a fast, simple process with no complex proposal required.